How We Work


The satisfaction of our clients is first priority for our team. Through our strong communication, our effective time-management, and our thoroughly customer-oriented way of working, we see eye-to-eye with clients in a setting in which everyone feels comfortable.

We combine a law firm with highly qualified lawyers and management consultancy with accomplished experts, from tax consultants to accountants.

Support for our clients

For us, clients are partners whom we stand behind in every life situation and whom we support, no matter what comes up.

For example, it was a matter of course for us to apply for free interim government assistance for our clients during the coronavirus crisis.

Our vision is to be the first point of contact for all kinds of client questions. We can only meet this goal by combining all efforts and specialties in our office.

Our broad range of services enables us to work together in an interdisciplinary manner and, ultimately, present optimal solutions. Clients from all over the world come to us for advice – for multilingual communication in English, German, Spanish, Maltese, and Russian is our strength here.

Our claim: Perfect Service

Although we are headquartered in Malta, we represent German standards.In these past few years, we‘ve grown substantially, while never losing sight of the importance of personal service.

How do we do it? We digitize whatever processes are amenable to it, thereby ensuring more efficient service which, in turn, allows us to invest our capacities in personalized consulting. At DWP, we aren‘t burdened by unnecessary bureaucracy or overly long meetings. Our maxims are flexibility and efficiency.

At the same time, this type of administration offers you another advantage: transparency.

Do you have questions about your particular case? Our customer support team will update you at any time about the progress of your business matter. After all, organization is an art, and we art artists.

Individuality is just as important to us. We do have standardized processes, but only for the benefit of spending more time offering you individual solutions to your individual challenges.

All-In-One ConCept

The big advantage for our clients is our broad service portfolio. This is where our customers find everything from a single source, saving time and money.

Beyond that, what this means for our clients is that: if new laws come into force, if changes occur at the local or international level that might affect our clients in any way, we will inform you immediately and take appropriate measures.

For us, there is no such thing as a unilateral decision – we employ experts, from international tax advisors to legal experts and accountants. Various of our employees come from different sectors and, from their specialized viewpoint, will offer you a holistic solution. Of course, this also applies to clients who do not use our full service.

Going the extra mile

We always think three steps ahead. Once you‘ve got us by your side, you don‘t have to worry anymore. Every one of our employees takes that extra step – you‘ll notice it.

Whether it‘s providing our clients with a broker during their move to Malta, representing you in a legal case, or simply supporting you in your operational activities with our network – we‘re there for you at all times.

Our working method: Teamwork

We can only achieve all the points listed above through team spirit and the vision to make a difference. Our team spirit is reflected in our work and the relationships with our clients.

We have employees who work for each other, not against each other. Our processes are interconnected in such a way that the most important thing is to function as a team. Only in this way can we provide you with the best possible result.