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Gaming Academy planned to support iGaming industry in Malta

The iGaming industry in Malta is one of the largest contributors to the GDP and a fast growing sector. The Malta Gaming Authority has increased their revenues by €6 million and the number of issued licenses increased by 19%. As of today, there are 519 licenses issued to remote gaming operators, and the number is expected to grow even more this year. The popularity of Malta as a gaming jurisdiction is increasing the number of gaming companies moving to the islands, which are then in turn increasing the number of available jobs. The high demand for skilled professionals is evident when looking through the job offers of the gaming recruiters and companies.

Malta is a very small nation and only around 420,000 people live on the islands. There are a lot of people from other states of Europe moving to Malta in order to work, but they are not nearly enough to meet the high demand of skilled professionals in the iGaming industry. To tackle this problem the government of Malta has now revealed plans to set up a Gaming Academy to provide training specifically aimed at the needs of the iGaming industry. The aim is to offer training and qualifications to Maltese people in order for them to be able to fill positions in the sector.

It is a good time to start a career in Malta, whether you are Maltese or foreign, there are many opportunities to develop your skills. The companies are eager to keep skilled employees and the salaries and proposed benefits usually reflect that as well. Another advantage of working in Malta is the income taxation structure, as it is relatively low compared to other countries. Also the contributions to the national insurance are among the lowest in Europe. This means that you will have more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

But even though the taxes and jobs are attractive, you will probably also want to be certain that you will feel comfortable in the country. With that in mind, let me say that Malta is a beautiful and safe country. The Maltese are genuinely friendly people who also speak English as their national language, and there are thousands of foreigners living on the island as well. Some are just here for just the summer, others stay for many years to enjoy the sun, the Mediterranean and the nightlife. It is certainly a good time to consider your opportunities in Malta.

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