Living in Malta — Renting and buying property with an estate agent

When you are think­ing about mov­ing to Mal­ta you are prob­a­bly also think­ing about the hous­ing sit­u­a­tion there. The most impor­tant ques­tions are if you should buy or rent prop­er­ty, and how much mon­ey both options cost.

The real estate mar­ket in Mal­ta offers a lot of dif­fer­ent options: hous­es, apart­ments and pent­hous­es in dif­fer­ent fin­ish­es and styles. Most prop­er­ties are fur­nished and ready to move in, but there are great dif­fer­ences in qual­i­ty of the fur­ni­ture and appli­ances to be tak­en into account, as they will great­ly affect the price. The area is impor­tant as well, and pop­u­lar areas such as Sliema or St. Julians are con­sid­er­ably more expen­sive than oth­er areas in Mal­ta, such as cen­tral local­i­ties, the south or even Gozo.

It is com­mon to rent or buy prop­er­ties in Mal­ta through an estate agent. The best time to look for a new flat is in the low sea­son, between Octo­ber and March. Since many sea­son­al work­ers come to Mal­ta dur­ing the sum­mer months it is more dif­fi­cult to find a nice flat, and prices will also be high­er. The low sea­son also offers more lever­age for nego­ti­a­tions with land­lords and low­er­ing the rent is often pos­si­ble when the apart­ment is rent­ed for a longer peri­od (longer than 6 months).

Rent­ing prop­er­ty is usu­al­ly straight for­ward, how­ev­er, you should not rely on the prop­er­ties you see on the Inter­net. These are just for ref­er­ence and you will find out about avail­able prop­er­ties when in you are in touch with the agency. The estate agent will show you avail­able flats or hous­es, and when you have made the deci­sion to move in (keep in mind that good flats might be rent­ed quick­ly) you will meet with the land­lord and agent to sign the con­tract. The estate agent will nor­mal­ly receive 1/2 month rent + VAT as a com­mis­sion from you, and the same amount from the land­lord. Buy­ing prop­er­ty through an estate agent will also cost com­mis­sion, which depend­ing on the pur­chase amount of the prop­er­ty can be a con­sid­er­able amount that should be fac­tored in before he pur­chase.

The office of Dr Wern­er & Part­ner offers relo­ca­tion ser­vices and we work close­ly togeth­er with one of Mal­ta’s lead­ing real estate agen­cies who will cater to your needs. You are wel­come to con­tact us for per­son­al con­sul­ta­tion if you are inter­est­ed in our relo­ca­tion ser­vices.

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In 2005, Philipp Sauer­born joined the firm of St. Matthew in Lon­don, one of the lead­ing Ger­man account­ing firms in Eng­land renowned for its exper­tise in cor­po­rate, com­mer­cial and tax law, as a depart­ment head. After three years, he was a part­ner and man­ag­ing direc­tor.
Towards the end of 2011, he decid­ed to move to Mal­ta, where he first worked at inter­na­tion­al law firms and con­sul­tan­cies in an employed and con­sult­ing capac­i­ty. Since the begin­ning of 2013, he has been a senior employ­ee at Dr. Wern­er & Part­ner. Mr. Sauer­born is cur­rent­ly com­plet­ing his ADIT ‑Advanced Diplo­ma in Inter­na­tion­al Tax.

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