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Managing a Malta Limited company successfully – What you might need help with

International start-ups are constantly on the agenda for large businesses that operate globally. However, nowadays, having a company in a different country is not only limited to large international corporations anymore, it is also interesting for medium-sized and small businesses, or individual entrepreneurs who are thinking of expanding their business or reducing the tax burden.

The Malta Limited offers specific opportunities to save taxes within the European Union. The office of Dr. Werner & Partner has helped many entrepreneurs to found a company in Malta. There are some things you can do yourself, and others for that you should get assistance with when operating a Limited company in Malta. Some of these aspects I would like to discuss today.

Establishment is quick, but has strict requirements for accuracy

When clients ask me how long it takes to establish a company in Malta, I usually tell them that it depends on good cooperation between them and us, but that it usually takes around one week. We are familiar with the procedures, statutes and norms that are relevant to the company formation. I generally do not recommend to take it into your own hands to establish the company, especially if you are aiming to get the 6/7 tax refund and don’t live in Malta. The application procedure can be tricky, and compliance with all the specifications can be difficult to accomplish.

Ongoing business operations are manageable alone, but not the accounting

Once the company structure has been established (usually a head company with a subsidiary) it is possible to handle the business operations alone. You can easily do the invoicing and banking, but with regards to accounting, you should get support. The accounting is the core of getting the tax refund, and it is essential to not make any mistakes. You risk penalties if there are any errors detected during auditing. We therefore recommend to outsource the accounting and tax returns to an external provider that is familiar with the procedures. The office of Dr. Werner & Partner offers these services, and we would be happy to be your partner, and to assist your company in this matter.

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