Services for lawyers & tax advisors

We often work together with colleagues from Malta and abroad. Especially for tax consultants and lawyers from the German-speaking countries, who represent clients who have a point of contact with Malta, we are among the first contacts on site.

Information for tax consultants and lawyers on Malta

Do you need information for a legal matter in Malta or would you like the assessment of a competent local partner? Then our lawyers and experts can help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cooperation in legal and tax consultancy

Your client would like to evaluate whether the location Malta could be advantageous for him? Or is it required for your client’s business to be taxed in Malta? 

We are happy to cooperate with you and provide you with our services. This includes all services we offer for private individuals and companies. We are always available as a local contact person.

Representation in legal and tax consultancy

Your client has chosen Malta or a matter in Malta requires local and specialised support, but which is outside your area of expertise?

We would be happy to take over your mandate and represent your client and keep you informed as a tax advisor or lawyer if you wish.

What our clients say about our service

Key Contacts

Dr. jur. Jörg Werner
Philipp Sauerborn