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Playing Poker in Malta

Many people know that Malta is one of the countries that issues remote gaming licences. What many people do not know however, is that Malta is also very popular with poker players and prestigious tournaments are regularly hosted on the islands.

Gambling is legal in Malta, which means that winnings from online gambling can be legally kept and the players do not face any charges, unlike in some other European countries, such as Germany, where playing online poker and casino games are illegal, and players risk having their winnings confiscated and having to pay a fine. Most players are occasional players, but there are some who play poker professionally and they make their living with it. Those players often move to Malta or the UK, as winnings from online poker are not illegal there and can be declared as income. The choice whether to move to Malta or the UK depends on the person and their preferences, and the two countries are very different. Malta offers a sunny climate and a lower cost of living, whereas the UK, especially London, has more to offer with regards to big city life.

The casinos in Malta also regularly host some interesting poker tournaments and players from all over the world come to play on the small island in the Mediterranean. The European Poker Tour takes place from October 21 – 31, 2015 at the Portomaso casino in St. Julians, one of Malta’s largest land based casinos. The Euro VIP Poker Cup is held from the 12 – 15 June and the Battle of Malta from 4 – 9 June at the same place.

Players who move to Malta to play poker online and in land based casinos can also easily visit tournaments in other European cities, as Malta offers great connections, especially to the largest cities in the UK and other major cities in Europe.

If you are interested in more information about moving to Malta, and the attractive income tax structure it offers to people making a living off poker in Malta, you are welcome to contact the office of Dr Werner & Partner. We have helped many players to settle on the islands and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle here.

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