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The core service of our firm is company formation in Malta. We have been involved in hundreds of company formations over the past few years and have continued to accompany these firms and clients for years—in most cases, we’re still with them today. The first step in establishing a company should always be extensive consultation. Due to the constantly evolving (and increasing) requirements of the EU, of Malta and the OECD, putting a new corporation’s administration and maintenance into the hands of professionals is an essential step for you as an entrepreneur. After all, the way things stand now, you risk penalties up to four figures for not submitting various documents—without qualified help, this can happen easily.

In order to give our clients the best possible service, as a company that truly cares about our clients, we have automated certain aspects of our service docket, in particular the submission of documents to the relevant. For one thin, this minimizes sources of error and, for another, the automation process enables us to invest more capacity in individual consultation and support, in questions that might arise for you, personally, along the way. Stay with us and you will receive regular updates from us about the progress of your company through the various stages of founding and administration. If you’d like to learn more about how we work, please take a look at the “About us” page.

Comprehensive consultation is a key stage before founding a company. Why? Although founding a company is not, in itself, a mammoth task, the legal consequences—especially when it comes to tax law, but also the formal requirements for properly running a corporation—can quickly trigger a complex chain of events that cannot be changed retroactively and have expensive consequences.

Due to the international parity of tax laws, it is still possible to set up a company abroad, but various mechanisms make this more difficult if the founding principles behind a company are not solid. So it is of fundamental importance today to, for example:

  • Maintain a proper place of business in Malta
  • Operate with real creation of value in Malta
  • Demonstrate, as a result, real substance in Malta.

Comprehensive requirements, such as the 4th and 5th anti-money laundering guidelines, also mean that the process of founding a company in Malta is quite extensive and, actually,, the formation of a company as such is only the tip of the iceberg. For us, therefore, a large part of the service is not just the proper establishment but rather the lasting structure of the respective company, one that allows it to operate successfully on the market for the long term.

Accordingly, preparation and advance consultation is absolutely elementary. We actually advise many clients with whom we initially speak not to set up a company—and this is also valuable information.

We at DWP Dr Werner & Partner are one of the firms in Malta specialized for business clients. Thanks to our deeply (and broadly) skilled team consisting of lawyers, international tax consultants, accountants, and qualified specialists, we are able to provide you with comprehensive, strategic consultation.

Dr Jörg Werner leads  DWP’s company formation services. Thanks to his extensive experience in this sector, augmented by his skilled team, we can provide our clients with the responsive support they need in a timely manner.

Who can benefit from our services for company formation Malta

Establishing a company in Malta does not make sense for every entrepreneur, seeing as it is usually advisable to also make Malta your place of residence. Depending on the business model, it might not actually be wise to choose Malta as the company’s place of business. 

In addition, at DWP Dr Werner & Partner we only support and advise those entrepreneurs who are interested in clean and legal structures. What causes us to reject an inquiry? Quite simply, a company founded purely for tax purposes or for improper reasons.

What our Service includes

The range of services we offer you as part of company formation in Malta at DWP Dr Werner & Partner includes service consultation, company formation, and the wholistic administration of your company.

To begin with, we offer you a strategic, specialized consultation in which we look at your – if existing – current company structure and, on that basis, find an optimal solution most suited to your individual business needs.

You will also have the benefit of our onboarding process, where our compliance team reviews your company comprehensively.

It’s important to note that we offer our clients the opportunity to appoint the mandatory company secretary internally. This means that most forms that must be submitted to the MBR (the Malta Business Registry) can be signed and submitted by DWP Dr Werner & Partner, paving the way for seamless communication between the authorities and the company and giving our clients the peace of mind they need to know that forms and any changes will be turned in within the time frame required by Maltese law.

In addition, DWP Dr Werner & Partner will handle all communications and correspondence with government and regulatory authorities throughout the year, so you do not have to worry about these aspects of your business and can instead invest time into what you do best, and why you started your company in the first place.

In the event you’d like to make changes within your company—such as transferring shares, changing the company’s address, or dismissing and replacing directors—we will prepare all required forms and ensure that such changes are submitted to the MBR properly.

Maltese law requires companies to submit an annual report, which we at Dr Werner & Partner can also produce and submit to the MBR on your behalf.

Why you should choose us for Company Formation Malta

At DWP Dr Werner & Partner we have professional employees who work conscientiously to ensure that our clients always receive the best possible service. Thanks to our diverse team of lawyers, accountants, and uniquely qualified specialists, we can offer a comprehensive docket of services internally for company formation and management. All tasks related to the establishment of a company are carried out by our own team, enabling us to streamline the process.

Choosing DWP provides security not only during the process of establishing a company, but also throughout the fiscal year, for wholistic management. Over the years, we’ve built a good relationship with the Maltese authorities, one that our clients benefit from directly. When laws change, we at DWP Dr Werner & Partner will be in the know immediately and will, if necessary, react accordingly, without a hitch.

We free our clients to focus on growing their business while we take care of all legal, tax, accounting, and auditing services.  For Maltese companies, every department is important, and our comprehensive internal services mean that our clients can be sure that communication between departments is smooth and precise.

Our qualifications

The benefit of using our services lies primarily in the interdisciplinary cooperation between our various specialist areas (international tax advice, compliance, law).  This structure allows us to provide you with comprehensive advice and support not only for tax purposes, but also for legal and financial means. The result? You will keep abreast of the latest developments and—whenever there is a need for action—be able to act accordingly, at the drop of a hat.

We have been in the industry for many years and have helped our clients with a wide range of services over the years.  We offer our clients deep, broad experience, professionalism, and individualized attention for every request they make of us.

For DWP Dr Werner & Partner, starting a company as such is just the beginning of a long-term business relationship. It is therefore a matter of (the right) course for us to advise and support you in other matters. Never hesitate to contact us; we are yours for the asking.

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