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You are an international business owner with with a registered Company in Malta or abroad with employees working from Malta or you a self-employed?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Payroll with the personal service.

Our outsourcing payroll services includes your monthly payroll calculations but can also mean to give you or your employees a good start with your new or existing business.

Our payroll service starts with getting you, your employees and also your business registered at the needed authorities.

We make sure that the employee has a SocialSecurity Number (if not in hand already) we will get you one and an Income Tax Number which called also TIN.

Once we have set your employee up; we can start the registration at the different authorities. The main authorities are Inland Revenue Department and also JobsPlus.

When your business and employee is registered, the actual work can start.

We will provide you with a monthly payroll calculation (payslips) and inform the Inland Revenue Department about your FSS (Final Settlement System) monthly payment.

To make it as simple as possible for you, you will receive only one email per month from us with all needed information and explanations. We do also offer you to send the payslips directly to the employees, to make it even easier for you.

Remember, Payroll processing is a delicate and intricate field, especially when there are cases of cross border taxation, government benefits, fringe benefits just to name a few of the adjustments, done on a monthly basis. We offer this service to help our clients, to reduce the risk of overpaying taxes, and release them from the stress of doing it themselves.

What our Service includes

We offer full payroll services. This includes:

How to start with our payroll service

  1. Send us an email or give us a call;
  2. We will discuss what the best way forward is and what exactly you will need for you and your company;
  3. We email you with the forms to start all the setup, for the company, and the employees;
  4. Within 3 days up to 3 weeks we can start with the service (depending on the service requested);
  5. Once everything is ready, we start sending the payroll on monthly basis

Why you should choose us for Payroll Services Malta

We offer payroll services and integrated online solutions, in order to ensure precise and on time payroll processing, employee and company data confidentiality, compliance with employment and labour law requirements, controlled access to employee’s data and a transparent communication process.

We use an online portal for employees, where they can directly download their payslips every month, and have access to apply for their leave when it’s needed, this is very effective as a time saver, your employer will be able to approve or reject the requests, and this information will be linked directly with the payroll calculations.

  • Time saving – Saving time and using your time for strategic tasks. Reduce your administrative costs and create space for HR, finance and administration.
  • More efficiency – We have professional employees who do nothing else than payroll accounting every day. We are experienced and know every special case.
  • Personal contact person – Benefit from the expertise and the fast reaction times of our employees. Your personal account manager knows you and the specifics of your company and is available at all times.
  • Any special wishes – We work customer orientated we accommodate your wishes. You can have your own Logo on your payslip with QI Code or starting on different day.
  • Modern and legally compliant communication – We enable you to communicate as efficiently as possible. We help them to better comply with laws – including GDPR.
  • Security – We have internal privacy and compliance policies that protect you from identity theft, misappropriation of funds and manipulation for personal gain.
  • Professional expertise – We have excellent competence and a lot of experience in the broad field of payroll accounting.
  • Speed – We take advantage of the benefits of digitalization and can therefore send you your payroll statement faster than traditional payroll tax offices. We help them to be able to operate globally and to handle payroll accounting smoothly in all countries.
  • Resources – Employees have significantly less effort in the monthly compilation of documents.
  • Error avoidance – The combination, use of digital processes, digital recording of data and qualified personnel, means that transmission errors are avoided.
  • Tax fairness – We use tax law possibilities to optimize your taxes.

What makes us stand out

  • Sending the monthly payroll out on time is an obviousness. Should your employee has any queries, we are happy to discuss it directly with the employee.
  • Not only for the employee but also for the employer we make sure that nothing is over- or underpaid in taxes or any other FSS payments.
  • If you should have missed a payment, we will remind you.
  • We can even help you with processes before and after the payroll. If you need help to draft a working contact, we can assist you and make sure to be in line with the Maltese law.
  • Every May, we send out reminder to employees and employers and make sure that everyone will submit their personal Income Tax return on time.
  • If the employee is not sure how it works in Malta, we will help.

What our clients say about our service

Key Contacts for Payroll Services Malta

Sabrina Sauerborn
Fabiana Bermudez

Frequently Asked Questions about Payroll Services Malta

We are responsibilities to start the payroll set up, for the companies and the employees, from applying for PE no, getting the company in JobsPlus, and the account in the payroll software,  to engaging employees, with inland revenue and JobsPlus, and of course calculating the payroll and sending it to you, every month.  

Memorandum and articles (M&A`s) and certificate of incorporation. M&A`s are needed to show the authorities who the director of the company is

We provide the forms which need to be signed, if the company has all package with us, we have these documents from the moment of incorporation. When payroll is all set, we send payslips and referral number and amount to be paid to Inland revenue department by email. 

All payroll related documents. 

  • Monthly payslip
  • FS3 (summary of the salary)
  • FS7 (year end assessment)

Yes, we do send an invoice every three months, according to the number of employees in the payroll for that period. 

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