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Our lawyers, experts and employees regularly publish articles on current developments in Malta.

We will keep you up to date with expert articles on current matters, initiatives and general topics related to our expert focus. These expert articles are also explicitly intended for our colleagues from abroad, so that they can inform themselves about specific aspects of law and tax in Malta.

Our employees also write interesting articles on more general topics on a regular basis. You will find these further down on this page. There you will find general aspects of our services, life in Malta and the work in our firm.

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Blockchain GDPR

Blockchain Technology vis-à-vis the GDPR

The use of blockchain technology is still new to our digital age, however it is important to view such usage from a GDPR Perspective. The GDPR mainly focuses on the Protection Data and highlights the importance of compliance with the requirements set out in the Regulation. Despite the incompatibilities, the GDPR and Blockchain Technology can co-exist.

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The Annual General Meeting

Introduction The Companies Act imposes on every company the obligation to hold a general meeting yearly, but what does a general meeting really entail? The

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