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Through the transposition of Directive 2011/98/EC, Malta adopted the Single Application Procedure for a Single Permit regarding residence and work. A Maltese Work Permit is required for any individual who would like to take up residency and employment in Malta and who is not an EU/EEA/Swiss national.

The Single Work Permit is issued to the applicant to work with a specific employer and perform a specific job. A Work Permit is generally issued for a period of one-year and throughout such time the applicant would be able to reside and work in Malta. The applicant would be able to further renew his/her work permit if the employer endorses his/her application for further renewal.

A Work Permit may be acquired for any kind of job and by any applicant, as long as such applicant satisfies the requirements, however, there is also the possibility for highly specialized Third Country Nationals to apply for a Single Work Permit under the Key Employee Initiative.

This Initiative provides a fast-tracked service and upon renewal, the permit may be renewed for a further three years instead of one year upon each renewal. For an applicant to be eligible to apply as a Key Employee Initiative, the salary of the highly skilled employee must be €30,000 per annum or higher.

The timeframe for the issuance of a work permit in Malta usually takes around two to three months. If the applicant applies for the work permit while legally residing in Malta, such applicant would be given an interim authorization to reside in Malta until the work permit is duly issued. On the other hand, if the application for the work permit is submitted while the applicant is still abroad, after the application is duly vetted by Identity Malta, the applicant will receive an invitation letter which allows him/her to proceed to Malta to submit the rest of the application in person

What our Service includes

Our Service includes consultation, compiling documents, filling forms, contacting authorities on behalf of employer and / or employee.

  • Through our free consultation, the applicant and / or the employer would have a better understanding of the procedure for obtaining a Single Work Permit;
  • Depending on the job applying for, we will advise you on what documents will be required to be enclosed with the application;
  • We will provide you with a list of required documents and we will then vet the documents to check their relevance and compile them to form part of the application;
  • As part of the application, the employer and the applicant would need to fill in several forms, we will help you to fill in such forms to make sure that the form is filled in properly;

Before submitting the application, we might need to contact a few other authorities to obtain certain approvals on behalf of the employer and / or applicant.

Working with us - the process

Work Permits are dealt with on a case by case basis. Therefore, each individual should provide us with as much details as possible regarding his/her situation when contacting us.

We will then provide you a free consultation and should you engage us to assist you with the Single Work Permit application, we will then send a list of the required documents for the application to you.

Upon receiving the required documents, we will duly vet them and check their relevance for the application. Throughout this time, we will be in constant communication with you to keep you updated on the process.

There will also be the possibility to schedule a meeting with our staff to go through the documents together, either in person if you are already in Malta or through a conference call if you are still abroad.

Once the application is duly submitted to the Maltese Authority, it will take approximately two to three months for the Work Permit to be issued.

Why you should choose us for Work Permit Malta

We have encountered many instances wherein applications would be rejected due to, sometimes minor and at other times major, mistakes which would be listed on the forms and due to missing documents. The applicant would end up having to go back and forth to the authority and his/her employer to correct the application and obtain the required documents.

At DWP Dr Werner & Partner we ensure that you will have all the required documents on the first instance and guarantee that their application would be duly vetted by our staff before they proceed to the authority so as to make sure that their application will be duly accepted.

What our clients say about our service

Key Contacts for Work Permit Malta

Dr. Rebecca Micallef
Zuzana Drahotusska

Frequently Asked Questions about Work Permit Malta

Yes you need to have an employment offer in Malta before preparing any documents in relation to the application and / or proceeding to Malta. Non-EU nationals do not enjoy the right to stay in an EU country as job seekers.

Once all documents required to be enclosed with the application are duly compiled, it will take approximately two to three months from the date of submission for the Single Work Permit to be issued.

Yes, upon submitting an application for a Single Work Permit you will be give an interim authorization to legally reside in Malta until the Work Permit is duly issued. However, you would not be able to travel during such period.

No, the interim authorization is issued to you to reside in Malta. The applicant will be granted authorization to start working upon receiving the Residence Card / Work Permit.

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