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Gaming license in Malta – 3 reasons for this location

We have received significantly more inquiries recently about gaming licenses, the application process and licensing. Because of this, I would like to give more details about the subject, and present to you three important arguments that advocate obtaining a gaming license in Malta.

Usually, the purpose of applying for a gaming license in Malta would be to license an online casino, rather than a brick and mortar casino on the island. Some large betting companies, among them bwin and tipico, have set up residence in Malta as well.

Validity inside the EU

Becoming a gaming provider in the EU is subject to strict requirements. Once you have gone down this path, the relevant EU legislation applies. This also supersedes national law, as was previously ruled in Italian courts. What this means for you as an online casino operator is, that you can offer your services to the whole of the EU with a license from Malta, without it being restricted by national laws.

Simple licensing with low costs

The process of licensing in Malta is not as complicated or connected to many legal obstacles as it is in other countries. Of course, there are strict regulations, and a license cannot be obtained in just one week, but transparent requirements allow for a easy procedure.

Furthermore, the cost is lower in Malta. The first step in the licensing process is always a company formation. A Limited company needs to be founded in Malta, which will then handle the company’s operations. Here also lies great potential to save money on taxes, because the Maltese tax law offers a refund of 6/7ths of the 35% corporate tax for foreign owned companies.

Experience in Malta – Smooth operation of online casinos

Establishment and licensing of an online casino is the first step. However, the continued operation of the online platform must conform to legal guidelines. Strict checks are carried out by the Maltese authorities. However, there is still a lot going for Malta as a location, as the authorities have gained a lot of experience through the sheer amount of betting companies that have settled in Malta. This enables them to offer a simple, clear and smooth operation, even after the licensing process is over.

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