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Moving to Malta correctly and legally

In many conversations which we hold with clients on establishing a company in Malta, the question is frequently asked: “Must I now move to Malta for that?”. The initial answer to this question is negative, but then we counter with the question: “Why must? Wouldn’t it be better to ask: May I then move to Malta?”.

A move to Malta yields many benefits

Isn’t it true to say that many people dream of one day living by the sea, where others spend their holidays? And this can be effectively combined with earning a livelihood and goes hand in hand with considerable, if not unique, tax benefits. If anyone were to describe a country in which they would really like to live, the following criteria would certainly often be mentioned:

• Sun
• Low cost of living
• Low taxes (both business and private)
• Good infrastructure
• Friendly people
• Good food
• Culturally interesting and stimulating
• High level of security
• Good health system

This article is not intended to degenerate into tourist publicity for Malta, but in our opinion all the above criteria are fulfilled in Malta, and taken together with the developments in strict tax policies of recent years, Malta offers a paradise of possibilities for anyone who gets effectively involved.

A move to Malta makes sense for many people

Even if the move to Malta is only for a few years, the full range of possibilities can be exploited during this period. In addition to personal benefits such as those already mentioned above, there are also above all considerable tax benefits for anyone in one of the following situations:

• Anyone running a company with few or no costs/expenses.
• Anyone already living on a private income gained by means of capital investments.
• Anyone expecting a major payout in the near future.
• Anyone who can run their company from anywhere where a telephone and internet connection are available.
• Anyone wishing to apply for a financial/banking licence.
• Anyone wishing to apply for a remote gaming licence.
• Anyone whose main source of income is outside Malta.

This list is not exhaustive, and we analyse together with the client whether it is economically and practically feasible to make use of these benefits. Why not arrange for a personal consultation so that Dr Werner & Partner can advise you? Moving to Malta could make good financial sense even in view of later years, when planning for retirement.

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