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Private and public health insurance in Malta

When thinking about relocating to Malta one of the things you might want to find out about is the healthcare system. Malta has a public health care system, and if you work you will contribute to the national insurance, which includes health care. This means you will be able to get treatments for free at the health centres and the public hospital. The contributions to the national insurance are among the lowest in Europe.

If you work for an employer the amount will be shared by you and your employer equally, and it is capped at a maximum of between €34.31 or €41.83, depending on your age. This is the weekly amount that you and your employer have to pay. If you are self employed, you will have to pay a rate of at least €28.47 up to €62.74 weekly. The full list on contributions is available on the website of the Inland Revenue.

People who do not work will probably have to opt for a private health insurance. There are several insurance companies offering private health care, and depending on pre-existing conditions, excess and plans it can range from under €100 a month up to a few hundred. You can also pay treatments out of your own pocket. This is a common practice in Malta, as some treatments are not covered by public healthcare. This includes dental procedures, and going to the dentist is always an expense you have to cover yourself if you do not have dental insurance. However, prices are often cheaper than in other countries. If you opt to get private health insurance you will still have to pay for national insurance, regardless of your private insurance plan.

The health care system in Malta was recently voted the second best in the EU with regards to efficiency, staff competence, equipment and costs. The research centre Numbeo conducted this study earlier this year.

As an employer you will also have to consider these additional costs when you employ workers. Even though the national insurance is relatively low, it is something you will need to factor in when estimating employee costs. If you are considering relocating your company to Malta you can also benefit from the attractive taxation the country offers foreign-owned companies. You are welcome to contact us at the office of Dr. Werner & Partner for a personal consultation if you are interested in finding out more about the company formation in Malta.

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