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My Experience with a Malta Limited: A Businessman Reports

Time and again, clients ask me if I have any testimonials from entrepreneurs who are already active with a Malta Limited. Of course, I receive a lot of positive feedback verbally, but for reasons of data protection we do not publish these on the Internet in order to protect the privacy of our clients. Nevertheless, I was able to win over one client in a short interview for a written statement, which I would like to share with you today:

Thomas S., acting as an affiliate in the establishment of a Malta Limited in May 2013, summarizes as follows

“So far, I am very satisfied with this legal structure. I didn’t start my own business in Germany until 2010, and I quickly realized that the tax burden there was very limiting to my entrepreneurship. So I looked around for alternatives. Malta was not on my mind at the beginning. After several consultations with Mr. Sauerborn, I decided in May to found a company in Malta. I didn’t actively use it until July, but I wanted to have the entire set-up prepared. In those intervening two months I planned my move to Malta. My job is not tied to any location and I am still young and not bound by family ties. If not now, when, I thought to myself, and moved to Malta. The company offers me everything I need: liability protection, international acceptance, and above all the political stability of an EU state. I had also thought about an offshore company. But to be honest, it was not only the bad publicity of the last year that put me off. I simply cannot imagine a legal implementation of an offshore company anymore. With a Malta Limited I am perfectly positioned. I also like the lifestyle in Malta and the legal and fiscal framework of a company formation in Malta was the deciding factor for me.

As far as the accounting of the company is concerned, I submit my receipts and invoices to Dr. Werner & Partner at the office. The accounting firm affiliated with them takes care of the annual financial statements and the preparation of my reimbursement request, which I then have to sign. The only drawback is that Mr. Sauerborn is not always available due to his many appointments and sometimes only Ms. Calov can be found in the office, who can help me with many but not all questions. But in urgent cases I receive a call back from Dr. Werner or Mr. Sauerborn personally within a short time. Overall, I am extremely satisfied and convinced that I made the right decision with the Malta construct. I can only recommend this step and refer those interested to the team of Dr. Werner & Partner.”

Updated feedback on Malta Limited, May 2018

To be honest, I was concerned about the negative coverage of Malta last year, the “Malta Files” and also the reports about possible involvement of the political supporters in dirty business, then in November 2017 the terrible assassination attempt on the blogger Daphne Galizia. As I myself live in Malta, I received some tough questions from friends in Germany. I do not see myself as an advocate for Malta, but still had the feeling that the reporting is one-sided. After all, a lot of positive things have happened in Malta in recent years. Economically, the island is doing very well and there is almost full employment. Various political reforms have been implemented, and Prime Minister Muscat was re-elected despite the allegations of corruption surrounding his family. And now the government is gearing up for the next innovation—blockchain—with appropriate legislation. I don’t know what is happening in Germany, but I rate many developments here positively. It may be that there is room for improvement. But for me, life in Malta continues to work very well. My company submits its financial statements on time and, with one exception, I have received my tax refund in full. The audits are unproblematic and cooperating with the law firm Dr. Werner & Partner is seamless and smooth. At the moment, I see no reason to move away from here. On the contrary, after my first real estate purchase in 2015, I would now like to acquire another apartment on Tigne Point.”

We would like to sincerely thank our client for this open feedback and look forward to further cooperation.

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